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Clean up Competition Launched in Central Manchester


Nov 22, 2014


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Clean up Competition Launched in Central Manchester

By: Tamara Bailey | Jamaica Gleaner

November 22, 2014

Mandeville, Manchester:

In an effort to encourage civic pride and foster community development through self-help activities, the constituency of Central Manchester has launched a ‘Clean up & Beautification competition’ to be carried out in 19 communities from the month of November through to mid December.

With several areas in the division needing physical restoration, the programme will also, according to development officer at the Office of the Member of Parliament, Trishanna Archer, seek to strengthen and improve communities through a spirit of volunteerism and connect community members with members of the public and business sectors to help with financial and in-kind resources to assist communities in realising their goals.

According to member of parliament for the constituency, Peter Bunting, the project will seek to prevent the spread of the chik-V as well as reduce the frequency of criminal activities.

“The Central Manchester ‘Clean Up and Beautification’ competition will enhance the social capital of each community as it will allow constituents to work collectively in an effort to uplift the appearance of their communities and to prevent the further spread of the chikungunya virus in the region. Important also, from all indications, criminal activities thrive in disorder and we are determined to rid the constituency of any such haven for criminals.”

The focal points of the competition include: environmental maintenance, leadership development, disaster preparedness elements, health and waste management, heritage and culture maintenance, improving educational facilities, youth development and organisation and management.

The Social Development Commission (SDC), which plays a major role in the project outline and completion is happy for such an opportunity and hopes that this will be the start of brighter days for these communities.

“The Social Development Commission will ensure all 19 community development committees across the constituency have an opportunity to apply and, as a result, be more responsible for their immediate communities,” said SDC parish manager, Beverly Boothe.

With each group applying, recognised by the SDC as a community-based organisation, a tentative date of December 18, 2014 will see the presentation of $250,000 being awarded to the top community. Other cash prizes include $50,000 for most creative, $25,000 for most environmentally-aware and $25,000 for most organised.